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I am now gone! Too lazy to delete everything, since dA is stupid and doesn't have that option, I just threw everything in storage. Sorry guys, but I wasn't going to invest hours in this shitty site just to delete everything.

Obviously, ALL adoptables are closed.

All adoptables I have bought are mine, leaving dA does not change that.

I don't have any points, don't ask.

You can no longer contact me here.

Find me on Tumblr.

Possibly FurAffinity.… though I am inactive there.

If you have saved my bases, you MAY reupload the base to your account! Just give me credit! The only way you can use my bases from now on is to be lucky enough to find somebody else's upload.

The bases are free range, I am nice enough to give rights to everybody who wants to distribute them.

The ONLY rule is to credit me.

Upload them anywhere you want. Any way you want. I don't care.

I will no longer fave art made with bases made by me, since I am no longer a part of dA.

Good bye guys, for good. I hate this site, have hated it for some time. Doubling the prices was my last straw.

Have a good life.

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gymnosophist Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Professional Writer
:( OY! Ambrose, if you get this, e-mailme:
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