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Random from Adopted by Me

These are adoptables I have adopted. Yes, I know I have adopted a lot!
I adopt to support other artists, to own a design I find very nice, or if said design gives me ideas for a character!

Random from My Bases Used

Here are my adoptable bases put to use by various deviants! C: All my bases can be found in this account's gallery!


:iconpanthakyat27: :iconeragon007: :iconvojeto: :icondragonsweater: :iconka-thea:


Artha-Demon has started a donation pool!
36,391 / 100,000

Put points in payment for Adoptables here!
Or, if you just wanna give me points.

Please, do not beg for points! There is no particular reason for the high goal... I just want to build up points for giveaways and buying awesome adoptables. C:

Just because there are a lot of points in my pool doesn't mean I HAVE a lot of points. Please don't beg!

Official Adoptable Rules:

You may resell your design. Please do not sell it for more then you bought it for UNLESS it comes with extra art.
Use your design however you want.
Upload your design anywhere you want, with credit to me for the art.

Do not claim that you drew it the original image.
Do not be rude to other people wanting the design.
Do not bid if you can not pay the points.
Do not retract bids. Again, if you can't pay, don't bid.
Do not claim the AB, only to not pay. I expect payment within 24 hours, but I will often be lenient if something came up and you are busy. If you DO claim an adopt, and do not pay within the timeframe given, I will re-auction it and you will not be allowed to bid. (Unless, of course, real life got in the way, or it was circumstances you could not control. Feel free to discuss with me or note me)

Other then that... can't think of anything. I'll add more if I think of it. C:

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NEW SPECIES! Check out my Draekats!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 14, 2014, 4:58 AM

As I write this journal every single Draekat I have posted is currently open!

Species Name: Draekat
Height: 7-8 feet
Weight: 230-300 lbs
Eye Color: Any. Heterochromia not uncommon.
Coat Color: Any, Natural tones preferred. Brighter, un-natural colors are usually in markings and accents.
Markings: Any marking found in any feline domestic or wild can be found on a Draekat.
Mane: Any Color
Description: Big, powerful felines with some draconic features. Draekats have horns, sharp fangs, sharp claws, and manes. Draekats are tribal hunters who fiercely protect their homes and families.
Attributes: Draekats have a lot of brute strength. They are massive feline powerhouses, but graceful at the same time. Their senses are keen, though they don't see well in bright light.
Temperment: Draekats are territorial and fearsome, but very social with members of their own clan. Generally aloof towards outsiders, but once you gain a Draekat's trust they are very loyal. Draekats make amazing bodyguards.
Vocalizations: They can speak lauguages outside of their own. Their voices have a deep, growling quality to them. Other vocalizations include purrs, growls, hisses, grumbles, chuffs, roars, and other sounds.

Species Status: CLOSED! If you want one you must get it from me!

Draekat Rules:

Credit me for the Species.
If you resell your Draekat, tell me who the new owner is, and please don't sell it for more then you bought it for UNLESS it comes with extra art.

You MAY use your Draekat as a fursona!
You may breed your Draekat! If you want to breed your Draekat, note me! I will make cubs for $10 each on the cub base, $20 each for the full-grown bases.

Other then that there aren't any special rules for their use. The species is not overly fleshed out for a reason; I am purposefully leaving it open to interpretation.
You can do WHATEVER you want with your Draekat! Name, personality, story, EVERYTHING is all up to you!

OPEN Draekats!
Set of 5 Males (Adult Content) - Male Draekat Adult Cencored Adopts by Artha-Demon
Set of 5 Males (Clean) - Male Draekat Adopt Set by Artha-Demon
Male and Female (Clean) - Draekat Couple Adopts - OPEN by Artha-Demon
Male, Female, and Cub (Clean) - Draekat Basetest Set by Artha-Demon

Adults are all $15 apiece, the cub is $8

I am looking for the original Japanese name for my Kitsune who calls herself Moonshimmer; which one is best? ( Check comments for info on the character) 

15 deviants said Tsukiko - Moon Child
10 deviants said Mizuki - Means Beautiful Moon
3 deviants said Yuzuki - Gentle Moon

Journal History

Features and Other Info

Hello! :iconartha-amberose: here!
This is a side account for adoptables, adoptable bases, and other adoptable-related things! It has become my main account of late... I am sorely inactive on my main, so... I guess this is my main now. xD

FEATURES - These are adoptables that need homes! If you want to be advertised, let me know and I can add you in here!

Keep in mind, I am most likely to feature unique adopts! While some 'cookie cutter' adopts are really nice, I am MOST likely to feature completely unique adoptables!


this is a shout out box so SHOUT OUT TO MEEH
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hey, you're really awesome! :D
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Sat Dec 22, 2012, 10:32 AM
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